Multi-Session Deal

Purchase a multi-session package and get another multi-session package 1/2 off.

At some point this will all be over and we get our lives back. But for now all seems pretty bleak. So Revitalize offers this...

Purchase any multi-session package and get any multi-session package 1/2 off. Use it to buy floats and you end up with 10 for $420.00. THAT'S $42.00/FLOAT. Or buy the Float package and get a 5 session redlight 1/2 off. Or Sauna and Float, Redlight and Salt, any combination.

Packages are good for 1 year and are transferable, meaning you can gift a session to someone, bring a friend, whatever you like. As long as the main sessions normal rates are equal or greater than the discounted sessions normal rates, all's good. This special will be live until the end of the month.

Call us at 412-356-5986 to purchase. This is the only time we have done this so take advantage while you can. After all, aren't we all going to need some relax and calm in the near future?

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