Lisa Srnka

BSN, MSN, C-NP | President/CEO

"Your lab tests are fine. Everything is normal."

I realized early in my career that the Acute Care Model of medicine (we only fix what we know is acutely wrong) did not have all the answers for all the situations in life. For me, I became interested in finding another way to treat on-going health concerns during my own struggles with my foggy thinking, inability to lose weight, fluctuating hormones and STRESS!

Your lab tests are fine. Everything is normal.” As a nurse practitioner I heard these words and would wonder “Now what, I feel awful! What do I do now?” That began my quest for a different treatment approach to chronic conditions.

Understanding the connection between stress and illness-I began a search for the best methods to reduce stress and enhance wellness. Revitalize Sewickley is a product of that search.

A unique combination of stress reduction with the connection of the MINDANDBODY approach to wellness. I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your goal of wellness!

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