Red Light (Infrared) Therapy

The LightStim Bed is a soothing, natural and non-invasive treatment that promotes total body wellness and peak physiological function.


Introducing the first LED Infrared (red light) full body bed to gain over the counter clearance by the FDA. Comprised of 18,240 LED lights powering multiple infrared (red light) wavelengths, it is designed to rejuvenate, repair, and energize every cell in the body. It's patented technology simultaneously emits multiple wavelengths (Infrared, Deep Infrared, Light Red and Deep Red) colors that work together to:

  • increase blood circulation
  • reduce inflammation and reduces chronic pain
  • increase the cell's production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
  • increase production of NO (Nitric Oxide)
  • accelerate wound healing, reduce bruising, redness and swelling
  • protect against cardiovascular disease, heart attack and strokes
  • prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals
  • decrease post-exercise induced muscle fatigue
  • improve post-exercise recovery and promote muscle regeneration
  • release endorphins to inhibit pain
  • protect the skin from UV damage

Additionally, Infrared (red light) Therapy is great for your skin, penetrating deep into the sub-dermal layers to fight acne, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, and getting that glow-from-within. It's warm and relaxing, not like Cryotherapy which uses Nitrogen vapors to expose the body to temperatures as low as -280 degrees (F) and is not FDA cleared. No protective apparel needed with LED. Simply lie down, close your eyes, relax, shut off the world, and let the body heal itself.

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What to expect your first visit

Minimum Age Restrictions: Ages 16-18 with parental permission

Please arrive 15 minutes early so we may introduce you to our Infrared (red light) Full Body Bed. We will also need to know if you are on any medications that make you sensitive to light. Example of this is Accutane or antibiotics. Certain medications are not recommended for exposure to specific types of light. Also, some tattoo ink contains lead which may heat up and cause small blisters. Please allow a week or two after getting a new tattoo. Established tattoos are fine. Fred has 22 and uses the bed.

  • Our Infrared (red light) LightStim Room is a private room with locking door.
  • You will be asked to disrobe to a level you are comfortable with. The Infrared Therapy room insures complete privacy and we provide an oversized towel to cover yourself during the session. Please keep in mind that anything blocking the light such as clothing will minimize the effect.
  • You can use our photo serum on your body if you like. It is non-greasy, fragrance free, entirely soothing and helps accentuate the light to painful areas . It will completely absorb into your skin and you will be able to dress after your session without concern.
  • Goggles for those who are sensitive to light are provided.
  • Once in the bed lie on your back, put on your goggles (if you wish) and press the start button.
  • You will remain on your back for 20 minutes and the Full Body Bed will turn off when your session is over.
  • if you are doing a 40 minutes session simply turn over, placing your face in the comfort headrest.
  • Reposition your towel and relax. The Full BodyBed will restart automatically. When the session is over it will turn off.
  • You can now dress and enjoy the relaxation and revitalization effects of Infrared (red light) Therapy.
  • If you are using the Anti-Aging Face Panel you will be asked to remove any makeup/moisturizers from your face. Our staff will set it the unit, make sure you are comfy and leave. 
  • When the session is over the Panel will turn off. Simply push it out of the way and leave the room.
  • We have an Amazon Echo that acts as an intercom if you need us.

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