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All multi-session packages expire 1 year from date of purchase.


Why do you have a cell phone policy?
We want our Centre to be a place of calm and relaxation! We understand the attachment we have to our cell phones. We also understand the distraction they can be to not only others but ourselves. So we ask that when you enter Revitalize, you put you phones on vibrate. If you receive a call, simply go outside and return when finished. We also ask that when you go into the Salt Room you turn your phones off or put them on airplane mode and put them in the locker. Please do not put them on vibrate as it will be a distraction to all within earshot if/when they go off. If this happens we will be forced to interrupt your session for you to come out to shut it off.

What about WiFi?
We will not give out our WiFi password for a number of reasons. First, security reasons for our network. Second, we need as much WiFi as possible to run our computers, Float Suite, etc. Lastly, again, if we have folks in our lobby staring at their phones, checking emails, websites, etc. it is a distraction.

Can I listen to my own music while I'm in a session?
We provide comforting music in our Salt Room and the salt can act as a corrosive so we do not allow personal electronic devices in there. The Float Suite has an assortment of preprogrammed tracks that you can choose from. Dark Side of the Moon is Fred's favorite. Or we suggest you embrace the full effect of total nothingness and just relax. Our LED bed has a Google Mini that is preprogrammed with our own tracks or you can access a personal playlist from your phone.

What if I have an emergency while in a session?
While in the Salt Room you most likely will be with other individuals who can exit the room and alert the desk of a problem. The Flotation Suite is equipped with an intercom that is located on the interior wall next to the light and music controls. There is an Amazon Echo that acts as an intercom in the LED Room if you need to speak with us.

When should I arrive for my session?
If this is your first visit to Revitalize we ask that you get here 15 minutes early so we can get you checked in and you can relax for a few minutes before going into your session. We also suggest you watch the videos on our website to better prepare for what you are about to experience. If you are a returning client, 5 minutes will do. Please be aware that if you are late for a session your session time may be cut back accordingly or cancelled. People running late cause chaos to our schedule moving forward and come into the Centre stressed, which isn't conducive to why you are here.

How do I schedule a session?
The easiest way is to go to, and press the "Schedule Your Session Now" tab button under our large logo on the home page and follow the prompts. You can call us at 412-356-5986 and we can schedule it for you. Or, if you are in the neighborhood you can stop in and we can do it face to face. We need a 2 hours advance notice to schedule, i.e. if you want to come today at 5:00 pm you must schedule before 3:00 pm. Please keep in mind that the time slots for each modality are per-set, i.e. Salt Room on the hour, Float Suite each 1 hour and 30 minutes so you must choose one of these times. You cannot schedule a Salt session at 8:30 am. It must be 8:00 am or 9:00 am. When you schedule online there are a few options that will be presented. The following questions deal with these options.

Do I have to pay for my session in advance?
We give you the option when scheduling either online, over the phone or in person to pay a 50% deposit or to pay for the session in full. You can use a credit card online or over the phone and we also take cash if you schedule in person. Sorry, no checks.

How do I know my appointment is confirmed?
During the scheduling process a confirmation page is displayed. It should state that your appointment is confirmed.

Why should I register my account?
When you register your account all future transactions are processed faster as your information is captured in our system. We already will know your name, email, phone number, etc. so you don't have to add it again.

So you keep my credit card information in your system? How do I know it's secure?
Yes, your credit card information is in our system. However, we cannot see the pertinent information, i.e. numbers, expiration dates, etc. We use Square as our point of sale. They adhere to the PCI Data Security Standards. For more information follow

What if I need to cancel?
Cancellations are accepted 24 hours in advance with a full refund. Cancellations occurring later than 24 hours in advance will result in a loss of your deposit. If you paid the entire amount for your session we will gladly reimburse the remaining 50%.


What should I wear?
Since one of the benefits of Halotherapy is the replenishing dermatological effects we suggest you wear light clothing, shorts/t shirt to allow as much exposed skin as possible. We do not allow bathing suits since your session maybe with strangers. If you schedule the entire room (6 chairs) then you can wear a bathing suit. Because your body temperature drops due to the relaxed state some people feel cold. We provide blankets for your comfort if you experience this sensation. We also provide a bathroom available to change clothes and hooks right outside the Salt Room. We also provide small lockers for your valuables. Please plan accordingly and bring a small bag as larger purses may not fit.

You say the salt is good for your skin but salt dries out the skin. How is this possible?
The salt on the walls and floor and more important the pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride being dispersed into the air by our Halo FX halogenerator is actually a moisturizer, completely different than table salt. It helps condition the skin by absorption. You simply allow it to flow down onto you and it does the rest.

If I go in fully clothed do I have to rush home to wash my clothes?
Nope. The salt has no negative effect on clothing. Individuals could come in on lunch break with work uniforms, suits, whatever and get up and go right back to work. We actually encourage groups of business people to hold meetings in the Salt Room, or book clubs, knitting groups whoever. You can get the benefits while enjoying other hobbies or conducting business.

I hate to walk barefooted. Why no shoes?
The salt is a natural disinfectant so when you walk on it with shoes the salt is tasked with trying to clean the soles of the shoes. If you are uncomfortably in bare feet, socks are permitted.

How old do I have to be to go in the Salt Room?
The minimum age to enjoy the Halotherapy session is 16. But adults can bring children 10 years and older. Please understand that the Salt Room is a therapeutic environment that may have other people with you that are resting or meditating, so we ask that you keep your children under your care. If we feel they are disrupting the group or are notified as such we will address the issue. Remember you can always schedule the entire room so you are alone but the kids still have to maintain a civilized manner.


I'm claustrophobic. How can I enjoy the benefits of floating without freaking out?
Our Flotation Suite is just that, a suite. It measures 6' x 7' x 7' inside so it's not the Float Pods you may find at other Float Spas in and around Pittsburgh. Ours is actually large enough for two so you may want to consider our "couples float". We also provide light and music inside the suite. If you are still feeling a bit confined you can leave the door open which allows the shower section of the Float Room to provide added relief. As an added feature, our Float Suite also has an intercom inside so you can notify the desk of any problems, concerns or questions. Naturally if it's total isolation you desire (Sensory Deprivation Chamber) we can turn off the lights and music, you close the door and it's just you and the water.

So how exactly does this whole float thing work?
Our suite contains around 150 gallons of water. Dispersed throughout the tank it is about 12" deep. It has 1600 pounds of Epsom Salt that creates both the buoyancy and muscle ache relief. The water is kept at a constant 93.5 degrees +/- .3 degree. You simply enter the water, sit down, lay back and you float. It is virtually impossible to not float. From there it is 60 minutes of nirvana.
We suggest floating nude, it enhances the experience but if you choose to wear a bathing suit it must be completely rinsed prior to your visit. A freshly washed suit may contain detergents which may leave residue (soap) in the suite. This will cause chaos, require us to remedy the situation and can come back on you for the cleaning charge.

What is the age limit to float?
You must be 16 to float. But ours is a Float Suite, large enough for two people so mothers can bring daughters, fathers can bring sons, any combination of two that will allow for someone younger to enjoy the benefits or enjoy a romantic experience with your partner.. Minimum age is 10 with an accompanying parent. Please keep in mind that an hour in the suite may be too long for kids.

How do I know the water is clean?
Every hour, when not in use the water in the Floatation Suite goes through a filtration system that includes paper filters, an ozone machine, Ultra Violet rays and chemical combinations including hydrogen peroxide. While you are floating the water is calm, still. All other times the system is hard at work jetting the water through the system and back into the suite, repeatedly. On the average, the water is turned over 8 - 9 times per cleaning session. A constant flow of clean water. We also clean the inside surfaces a few times per week, and constantly monitor the PH and H2O2 levels, adjusting accordingly. An FYI, before the federal government would allow flotation units into the public there had to be overwhelming evidence that they were sanitary. Live bacteria were introduced into the water and they immediately died proving that the system was more than adequate for public use. And if that isn't enough we personally use the Suite so we know it's sanitary.

Are there any dangers to floating?
Please remember you are floating in water with a large amount of Epsom salt so any type of cut or abrasion will probably sting. You will want to wait until any type of cut or abrasion is scabbed over or healed. Also, do not touch your eyes as they will sting as well. We provide a spray bottle with clean water inside the Suite if you have an uncontrollable itch. You simply spray your hand and the area and scratch away. There is a one week waiting period if you have had any hair treatment (color, perm, etc) before you can float. Since one of the chemicals is hydrogen peroxide there is a strong possibility that it will effect the treatment and cause coloring/chemicals to be released into our water. Following is information for the ladies but other than that it's a safe experience.

Attention Ladies:

  • Please avoid these activities 48 hours before your session: Brazilian wax, shaving or sex before your float.
  • If you are post-natal please wait for approximately 3 months or when your doctor declares you are completely healed.
  • You can float while having your menstrual cycle, please use a fresh tampon before your float. Prepare as you would as if you were going to go swimming.
  • Some women may experience a burning sensation in the vaginal area while floating. Any action or activity that causes a break in the skin can cause a burning sensation while in the Float Suite. (Vaginal tissue is very fragile and can experience "micro" tears.) Also, vaginal dryness or irritation can be caused by menopause. -- A thin coating of A&D ointment or Vaseline applied to the area will protect it. You can also apply Vaseline to a tampon and place securely. We will provide single use packets of ointment upon request when you arrive. No worries!

If you have any questions please give us a call.


What should I wear?
We suggest you dress comfortably for all our modalities. For the Infrared bed we suggest you lie naked on the bed (covered by a towel). The reason for this is that any barrier existing between the lights and your skin negates the benefit of the light. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us so we provide a secure (locked) room to get undressed and during your session.

I understand it gets bright in the room.
The bed is powered by 18240 LED (Light Emitting Diodes) that glow red. Yes, it gets bright in there. The lights however do not cause any to harm to your eyes. If you are sensitive to bright lighting we provide goggles for your comfort.

With all that lighting does the bed get hot?
The short answer is no. A more defined answer is that the bed omits infrared lights that act different than ultraviolet light (sun, tanning beds) so while the bed gets warm it will not burn or tan your skin. Some folks experience a redness immediately after their session. This is caused by the flow of blood rushing to the surface of your skin and will subside within an hour after your session.

What about medication or skin sensitivity?
You cannot enjoy the Infrared bed if you are currently taking or have taken ACCUTANE or some select antibiotics in the past 6 months. Please call prior to scheduling if you have questions regarding medication. Although the bed does not provide a tanning effect there may be cases where individuals with sun sensitivity may not be appropriate for LED/Infrared Light Therapy. Also, some tattoo ink contains trace elements of lead which could heat up during the session causing blisters. Please wait a week or two after a new tattoo to enjoy your session. Established tattoos are not effected. We know because Fred has 22 and uses the bed. Please call prior to scheduling if you have any questions.

How old do I have to be to enjoy the Infrared Bed?
Because our Infrared (Red Light) Stimulation Bed is a unique piece of recovery equipment that works on the cellular level you must be 16 (with parental sign off) to use the bed. 18 to go it alone.

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